Now I'm looking for an upgrade for my home server.

Budget Ryzen 5 Server Build

I need a stable build that can provide long server uptime. Random reboots are unexceptable. Also I don't want disabling C-states or something another enegry saving technology because I don't need a huge electricity bills. I'm not sure about ECC because there are no compatibility list from the manufacturer.

ryzen 5 2600 plex

For a server I'd personaly get x with 8 cores. It has same VRM as Tomahawk with beefy heatsink, which can run even new x you can watch video online with the benchmark. Those are cheap and can be easily overclocked to at least This silent beast easily competes with twice more expensive ones and is more compact.

One of primary objectives of my future build is power saving, I can't afford a huge bills for electricity. The main task is reliability and power saving.

ryzen 5 2600 plex

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ryzen 5 2600 plex

Reply to this topicThis machine is only a PLEX server. I have total of 6 disks with total 20 TB… I know i will give away of 01 disk for parity. I will use EVO for cache. At this moment i use torguard VPN service and i am fully satisfied with them… but my question is: Can i still use torguard as my VPN provider or should i change to another service?

I see one post saying about AirVPN? On their site they have a linux version of app can i install in unraid? Does unraid will use my nvidia Ti to HW transcoding if i tick this option in plex or do i have to do any tweak to get this working? Thanks in advance! In my understanding you should setup your own OpenVPN server instead of using a commercial one.

The commercial one is to get out, not into your system. Still, I am not sure what torguard currently does for you. Unraid utilizes docker and VMs for handling additional applications.

So if no docker exists for a certain applicationyou might need to run it in a VM. Nvidia works on unraid, you need to setup a second docker container to enable driver support though.

BrazMan April 16,am 1. Hi all! How do i setup unraid to connect thru VPN so port can be reached for remote use plex.

I3 linux mint

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2600X temperature hits 95°-96°C transcoding video - with included Wraith Spire

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ryzen 5 2600 plex

I am a recent convert from Plex, and am wanting to replace my current lackluster media server. Typically, I may have two Roku units running emby within the home network, and maybe one offsite tops. It is only on rare occasions that I would have two or more streams of p max. Please let me know if anything above the Ryzen 5 G would be overkill in my application. If not, then would I go for the Ryzen 5or Ryzen 7 or any suggestions of any kind?

The problem for me would be the added cost of the GPU. How important is it in my application, and what can I get away with? I have read that the. I have time to wait until I buy probably after Christmas so hopefully something new will come out to drop the prices a bit? Not as much savings here in Canada as the US for the same product. It really depends on whether you're doing any transcoding. But if so, it sounds like it'll only be streams, which any of those CPU's can handle.

GPU is entirely unnecessary for what you are describing. Thanks for the responses. As for the 16GB of ram, it is already on hand so that will just go in Ok then if you all ready have it on hand then that fine and it will be fine as NoN gaming as what my sister in-law has an i3 she just love it and she can still play her game on even know mostly HOG Hidden Object Games.

Posted 14 December - PM. Posted 19 December - AM. If you are running roku apps and are willing to make sure your media is compatible, you will definitely not have any problems.

Bim library

I run the g, and I usually have anywhere from 3 - 5 streams going at any one time. It is a mixture of roku, apple tv, ios devices and chromecasts. I can transcode on the g, easily 3 - 4 streams at a time, and can actually stream without transcoding more than my internet bandwidth will support, so you should be fine.

Posted 19 December - PM.

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So it go with G or G you still be able to upgrade. Here all info. Too long. I guess there will always be something better coming out Posted 23 December - AM.The extra threads are helpful for everyday productivity, and the bundled storage software and cooler add even more value.

As we found in our Ryzen 7 X reviewa host of improvements made possible by 12nm manufacturing, such as higher frequencies and Precision Boost 2, add more performance in threaded apps. Meanwhile, lower system memory and cache latencies augment AMD's showing in lightly-threaded apps like games.

The Ryzen 7 X offers a great alternative to Intel's Core iK, which costs more, doesn't come with a thermal solution, and drops into more expensive motherboards at least if you want to overclock. As we'll see, it's even faster than the first-gen flagship Ryzen 7 X in many workloads.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of communication from AMD, we weren't told that the company had rolled its Spectre Variant 2 patch into shipping X platforms. Today's review does, however, feature results generated on Intel-based systems with the latest Spectre microcode updates. The flagship Ryzen 7 X comes with all eight of its cores active. For Ryzen 5 X, AMD turns two off, creating a six-core, thread configuration with an unlocked ratio multiplier.

It slots into the gap between Core iK and the Core i, forcing the chip to contend with Intel's recently-announced Core i While we don't have that model in our lab yet, we do have the two nearest Coffee Lake-based competitors in today's benchmark charts. Ryzen 5 X sports the same 3. That might seem minor, but as our benchmarks show, the gains are quite pronounced in threaded workloads. Although AMD didn't include thermal solutions with its original Ryzen X-series processors, the company does bundle coolers with its pricier models now.

On one hand, it's nice that the 95W Wraith Spire cooler neatly matches the X's thermal design power. On the other, we're not expecting much overclocking headroom from the combination.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Review: Spectre Patches Weigh In

Ryzen 5 X can drop into either new X or older series motherboards. As usual, AMD allows you to overclock on value-minded B-series boards, too. And even though series B-models aren't available yet, they'll undoubtedly offer a lower-priced alternative for overclocking.

AMD also sticks with Indium solder between Ryzen 5's die and heat spreader, improving thermal transfer performance.By yahoooFebruary 4 in Hardware. I plan on building a nas server using unRaid and I need some advice on the hardware side.

Temperatures too high on ryzen 5 3600

Currently i have an I5 cpu and a GTX graphics card. Buy a used Xeon processor but the trouble is that I'm not able to find a decent mb for it only chinese knockoffs at a reseonable price. The main problem that I have is relating transcoding and VM. Just to mention, this is my first unraid build. I'm only testing out unraid for a few days now using the the i5 so i'm not very familiar with the challanges and issue that go along with any of the variants that I have. Your i5 has Quick Sync I believe so if you are going to do Plex hardware transcoding anyway, you might as well give that a try before upgrading.

That can offload some CPU requirement. If you need a Mac, buy a Mac. Considering you just need it to do web development, shouldn't be too expensive. I also strongly dislike the idea that Apple can just pull the plug on all Hackintosh by suing everyone to the ground. Which I'm sure they will do once they can't charge double market price for shit components that the customers can't repair. You can post now and register later.

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Sign In Sign Up.Video transcoding is well suited for systems that have more CPU cores. In this test we encode a h. We use the Handbrake software suite heavily threaded, the more processor cores it sees, the faster it can and will transcode.

This software is perfect for benchmarking the CPU and memory. We are testing brute processor performance right now though. The displayed number is the number of frames rendered per second averaged out over the encoding process. The higher the number, the faster the performance is. It's exactly in applications like these where processors with more cores really shine as they are all utilized to the maximum. Ryzen 5 and 7 benefit from the higher core clock frequencies and number of cores.

Intel's counterparts however benefit from quad-channel memory as encoding and transcoding is a very memory situated process.

The tool that overclockers like so much to determine performance and stability. In this test we max out the number of threads corresponding towards the processor and calculate M of prime. This software is a computer program that calculates a set number of square roots using Newton's method for estimating functions verifying the results by squaring them then comparing them with the original numbers.

GeForce Windows: Line-Based vs. Message Signaled-Based Interrupts. MSI tool. This mega-core process CPUs with 24 to even 32 processor cores are slowly getting the norm. AMD just released their 3rd generation of Threadripper processors, in thi AMD just released their 3rd generation of Thre It is fast, feistWarning: Using unsupported modules may degrade performance, cause errors, or prevent the operating system from starting.

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. Configured system orders start here! Our pre-burn testing prepares the NAS with an initial system and drive testing cycle to ensure that the integrity of the entire system is tested and passed with no issues at all. Our stress testing burn-test cycle commences for a minimum of 24 hours and extends to 48 hours if requested or required. This is undertaken in order to ensure stability when used in a normal environment.

Our tests put a greater emphasis on robustness, availability and error handling heavy loads. Once the tests are complete we QA and pack the system back into it's retail box. Then it's double boxed to protect the unit during shipping. It doesn't get any easier. Call us at and we'll be happy to discuss your needs. Add to Cart.

Plex Hardware Transcoding Explained : Do you need it? What is the performance like?

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