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Upgrade your Glock sights to Warren Sevigny Competition sights.

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competition sights for cz 97b

Compare 0. Remove All.By 1eyedfatmanMay 30, in CZ.

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That's not confirmation, we would need someone to weigh the gun to make sure but I can't imagine them being 3oz off. That is close to what mine weighs with a mag. Something must be off on the product listing. I don't see how the small frame Shadow Weighs more than the large frame If the listed weight is correct, then that means the 97 with all factory parts should be good to go for IDPA as long as it meets the new 43 ounce weight requirement that has been in effect since March.

Chopping the dustcover might be considered an external modification. Since they don't like you to change the sight dovetails, they would probably frown on this as well.

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If you chopped the dust cover you wouldn't have to worry about any of the SSP rules. I think a 45 fits best in CDP. Well chopping the dustcover would probably be considered an external modification. The full length dustcover should be fine for SSP since Stuart says it approximately weighs 42 ounces so there is wiggle room for grips and basepads.

Are there any mag extension available for CZ 97? It would be nice to be able to not have to use a barney mag for Limited However I do not reccomend this for those folks who live in states with 10 round magazine capacities. I've had mag issues with mine, with every mag I've tried except the one it came with. Subsequent rounds go no problem. I've used mags billed as both CZ and Witness, and replaced the springs as well. Still does the same thing.

If that is what you want to shoot, a shadow or any of the 9mm guns is a much better option. IF you cut the dustcover you dont have to worry about any of the SSP rules. You could build the gun specifically for CDP with an after market barrel bushing, a magwell and SAO trigger with overtravel screw and whatever else you wanted. Is that correct? The rules don't specifically allow a trigger position change, so it's therefore prohibited, isn't it?

Not that I'd want to shoot 45 in Production Sounds like the only reasonable divisions for the 97B would be Open, Limited and CDP if the dust cover is cut down?

That is super-cool. Is the dustcover under the 3. I would imagine that would also give you a little not much weight reduction to work with as well. It would be sweet if you gave it some Hi-Power style cuts right were the frame ended to make it look more like a Hi-Power cuts are allowed in CDP.

I had this issue as well. I found that keeping the mags fully loaded for a week or more helped the springs set. I have not had a problem since. Permitted 8. Parts in this list must come factory installed on standard production firearms. Special parts that are available installed only from a factory custom shop are not eligible in SSP.Uses the principles of contrast and light to create a sight picture almost everyone can effortlessly pick up.

Since this sight is narrower, the sight picture is greatly enhanced. No drilling is required, this sight is fully machined and only needs very minor fitting. Cannot be used with the stock CZ. Fits all CZ 75 series excluding the Shadow. Sight notch is. The unique "trapezoid" rear serrations offer contrast that works perfectly for shooters over There are 2 main attributes to an easy to see and use sight set.

One is contrast, the other is light. These trapezoids refract light and create an excellent contrast; your vision instinctively picks up this contrast effortlessly.

The second aspect is light. To capture light we made the rear sight depth a little deeper. We also made the front fiber optic slightly narrower at.

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This not only affords more front post in your vision, it also allows more light on both sides of the post. The result is a breakthrough sight picture for shooters over Wishlist 0. Compare 0. No products in the cart. Add to Wishlist. Out of stock. In stock. Does it fit my model? This part fits your model. This part does not fit your model. Description There are 2 main attributes to an easy to see and use sight set.

Front sight is fully machined including the retaining pin groove Includes spare fiber optic rods and 2 aluminum punches with allen wrenches. ML Meprolight Night Sights. Read more Add to Wishlist. Add to cart Add to Wishlist.Wishlist 0. Compare 0. No products in the cart. Optic Mount Adjustable Gas Pedal. Add to cart Add to Wishlist. Trijicon SRO. Select options Add to Wishlist.

Aftermarket Accessories

Tritium Night Sights for Rami. Read more Add to Wishlist. Dawson Precision 1mm Fiber Optic Rod. ML Meprolight Night Sights. Add to Wishlist. Like all replacement sights, will require very minor fitting. See tech tips. Optional Gas Pedal is adjustable. Just what a RAMI needs, super strong steel, made to withstand the hard knocks of a carry pistol. These are some of the best daytime sights you'll ever us Factory night sights for the big bore CZ 97 series pistols.

competition sights for cz 97b

Front sight does not have the roll pin drilled, requires minor fitting. No modification to the s All steel fiber optic front sight works with most "Tactical" or competition rear sights. Measures 6. No machining required!

Works perfectly with the stock height. Or better yet, for the 75 Series add our The Tactical Sport slide is already machined to accept this super high quality fully adjustable all steel Kensight. The matching front fiber optic sight is ou Lower profile sight set. Front sight is 4mm height, rear sight is 5mm height.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Notch is. Sight Height from Bottom Dovetail to top of Blade 9.

competition sights for cz 97b

Is a must upgrade for the standard CZ75 SP Faster target acquisition than the standard sights. Great sight, fast acquisition highly recommend. Minor fitting required to install, just like the description stated. Installed on CZ 75B.

Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Email info czcustom. Compare 0 You have no items to compare. Cart 0 Item s You have no items in your shopping cart.

competition sights for cz 97b

Fiber Optic Tritium Black. Fire Control Sights Grips Magazines. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. SP01 Shadow. Quick Overview. Due to government restrictions this item is for sale in the US only. Description Additional Tags Reviews.

Will require 5. Product Tags Add Your Tags:. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Contact Information. Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers. Sign up for newsletter today. About us Contact us My Account. Order history Advanced search Login. Quick Links.Wishlist 0. Compare 0. No products in the cart. Add to cart Add to Wishlist. Read more Add to Wishlist. Fiber Optic Front Sight.

Simply the best fully adjustable fiber optic direct replacement CZ sight on the market. This sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation with the turn Add to Wishlist.

Fixed black, serrated rear sight only for the CZ P C. This sight is compatible with the following front sight part numbers and must be ordered separately Low profile fiber optic rear fixed sight only for the CZ P C. This rear sight is compatible with the following part numbers, which must be ordered separate Low profile, snag proof, made from the best steel, serrated rear blade with 2 "smaller" Triti Fiber Optic all steel front sight only.

Dawson Precision Tritium front night sight featuring a larger front Tritium insert surrounded by a bright white ceramic cup for outstanding day time sighting. Features a unique. Super duty, true tritium night sights, made from steel to withstand the rigors of concealed carry and tactical environments. Uses the proven Cajun Gun Wo This sight was made to fill the sl These sights are true to the c Height is the same as the OEM sight and uses the factory dovetail.

Works with Meprolight sights and 5. These double as superb daytime sights, but are still aw Simply the best fully adjustable direct replacement CZ sight on the market.

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This sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation with the turn of a screw Fiber optic front sight for our fully adjustable rear sight. Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight only for use with the fixed OEM rear sight. Thanks to their CR batteries, Fixed low profile black serrated rear sight and fiber optic front sight.By 1eyedfatmanMay 30, in CZ. I have a CZ 75 custom Shadow 9mm. Just started looking at these 97's B, BD. Anybody shoot them in competition? Anything I'd consider is Glock 45 or If you get the 97BD decocker you will need to start decocked or half cocked in all divisions.

The 97B will be easier to do the upgrades yourself. The Cajun Gunworks "E" coversion should also be legal in all divsion since it is a internal modification that leaves the external apperance in battery the same as with the orginal bushing.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm kinda all over the place in my. I know the. I went through this same process and ended up being happiest with a Glock 21sf. The 41 just doesn't have the same level of aftermarket support the 21 model's do IMO.

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I haven't been able to discern anything from the 97B's description to find out if it comes with one, but I'll get mine this weekend. As I read it, the CGW bushing is definitely an aftermarket part and falls out of favour with The Accu-Shadow comes with the bushing already installed as part of the stock model, so it's allowed. The shadows because I researched replacing the front sight and the front sight pin holds the stock bushing.

The accu bushing in an accu shadow is a completely different piece than the factory bushing.

Tru Dot Night Sights #9

They czc have to mill the factory slide to use it. So If someone were to come out with an oversize bushing that has the same outward visible appearance as the stock bushing and then hand fit the barrel and bushing, who could say its not "OFM?

If you used it in competition, did you feel disadvantaged to the longer G41? Shadows do not come with a bushing. No 75s or sps leave Czech republic with a bushing. That is why they are not SSP legal. We make a replacment bushing for the 97 that is direct replacement. CZ never intended it to be a part as you will never find it on a schematic. I don't think the 97 would be legal for IDPA. It is bigger and heavier than an SP01, which runs close to the max weight limit of 43 ounces.

If you can get it under 43 ounces with a mag inserted, then you might be able to sneak it on in. My Tanfoglio Match Elite, without a full length dustcover and plastic grips, barely eeks in just a tad under 43 ounces with a mag. Chopping the dustcover might be considered an external modification. Since they don't like you to change the sight dovetails, they would probably frown on this as well. As far as the Glock 41 goes, it takes the same trigger bar and sights as the 21, KKM makes a barrel for it, and there is an adapter for the Gen 3 guide Rod.

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